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Subject Antwort: New vhosts/index.html - please review
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 10:26:37 GMT

Hello Kess,

> The index file of the vhosts dokumentation is now available at
> Could someone please review the translation?

as always for your translations, I have only some minor

"Der Begriff Virtual-Host bezieht sich auf die Praxis"
I wouldn't use the hyphen in an english-only term here.
Either translate it to "Virtueller Host" or leave it
"Virtual Host" throughout the whole text (unless used
as a more complex compound term).

"sowohl IP-basierte wie auch"
I would prefer "als auch".

"Namens-basierte Virtual Hosts"
I would omit the hyphen here and write "Namensbasierte".
(In "IP-basiert" the hyphen is okay, as it separates an
abbreviation from a word; here it would separate two
words and looks unnecessary to me.)

"Virtual-Host-Beispiele für typische Installationen"
Sounds a bit translated word-by-word.
I would like to break up the first notion, somehow like
"Beispiele für die Verwendung von Virtual Hosts in typischen
(Yes, this _is_ longer, but I find it more comprehensive.)
By the way, this is a case where the hyphen is okay IMHO,
even without translating "Virtual".

"Tiefergehende Erörterung des Virtual-Hosts-Matchings"
I would be happy to see some translation of "matching" here,
as this line makes little sense for the first-time reader now.
(I am prepared for seeing the length of this line increase. ;-)

" /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd -S"
Is this path value mandatory for every Apache 2 installation?
(Even on Windows?)
Another idea: What about having some "apachectl" option for
this purpose, and refer to it here? (Would be less cryptic.)

"wie der Apache die Konfigurationsdatei analysiert"
The English version uses the present perfect form,
thus you might want to add "hat" to the end of the sentence.

"für weitere Befehlszeilenoptionen)"
I would prefer to have a full stop before the closing bracket,
even though this is missing (?) in the English version.



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