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Subject Antwort: SSI on
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:12:38 GMT

Hi Joshua,

> Given that, can anyone see a reason not to restrict includes
> processing on to the /docs/ directory
> (the 1.3 docs)?  This should reduce server load and speed up
> actual and perceived performance due to much better caching.

I don't actually see the link between caching efficiency
and using SSI in this case (while I agree with you about
the server load issue, although I use a separate file name
extension for my SSI documents and their number is rather
small anyway).

I am using SSI in a rather similar way (in my case mainly
to reduce the number of HTTP requests by including tiny
CSS and JS files and the like - there are too many small
updates by too many people to generate the whole tree as
static documents), but I am actively sending "Expires:",
"Cache-Control" and "Last-Modified" HTTP headers for these
pages so that the UserAgent is free to cache them (if not
configured too badly).
If I'm not mistaken, then this is what "XBitHack full" was
just made for?

Regards, Michael

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