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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject New index page layout (suggestion)
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 22:48:38 GMT
As the subject tells, this is a suggestion for a new index page. My
intention for the new documentation start page was, to make it easier to
find revelvant documents and to make all documentation pages available
directly from the start page or a second index page.

Therefore I tried to focus on the users view of topics and questioned
the existing groups. Why "compiling", "starting" or "filters" are
"reference" documents? Also the platform docs. They contain (mostly) how
to install and run the server at an other operating system then
Linux/Unix. Why they are separated from the rest of the documentation?
What about a section "installing and runing Apache" containg all related
docs? And at least I can't see a really good reason for How-To/Tutorials
_and_ User's Guide beeing seperated. What about merging these sections
and grouping them into topics?

After some discussion with nd (thank you for very helpful comments and
ideas) a new start page has been born:

The main changes are:

There are five sections:
1) Introduction
   containing current "Release Notes", the upcomming information page
   for new users from Joshua and the FAQ (to bring this document to top
2) Installing and Running httpd
   containing "Compiling and Installing", "Starting", "Stopping or
   Restarting" and the "Platform Specific Notes"
3) Configuration / Reference Manual
   containing "Configuration Files", "Configuration Sections",
   "Server-Wide Configuration", "Run-time Configuration Directives",
   "Directive Quick-Reference", "Modules", "Server and Supporting
4) Common Topics (Does someone know a better name?)
   containing "How-To / Tutorials", "Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs)",
   "Filters", "Handlers", "PATH_INFO Changes" and the rest of "Users'
5) Appendices
   containing the description of terms, the glossary, "Documentation for
   Developers" and the sitemap

Every section points to a second index page, containing a list of
documents at this section. If neccessary, this second index page may be
grouped by topic like vhosts index page or the SSL/TLS index page.

The documentation start page contains only thoose 5 sections and some
few frequently requested topics of the section. This shortens the
start page and makes it clearly arranged.
The quick links may be changed from time to time if neccessary.

The now gained space at the start page can be used for some explanation
and interesting links outside the docs.

Additional notes:

The second level index pages for each section do not exist up to now.
I think of them as normal docs pages like the vhosts index page: a short
summary at the top and a list of links to related documents. Grouping
could be done by <h3> headers.

The document "Changes since previous release 2.0.44" does not exist up
to now but is planned as HTML page, too. It has to be maintained for
every release, of course.

Well, what do you think? Comments are welcome ...


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