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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: New vhosts/index.html - please review
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 01:34:47 GMT
Hello Michael,

thank you for your review, I'll add your suggestions.

Some comments from me:

> "Namens-basierte Virtual Hosts"
> I would omit the hyphen here and write "Namensbasierte".

This was also my first translation, but then I decided to use the hyphen
to focus on _name_ based in contrast to _IP_ based.

> "Virtual-Host-Beispiele für typische Installationen"
> Sounds a bit translated word-by-word.
> I would like to break up the first notion, somehow like
> "Beispiele für die Verwendung von Virtual Hosts in typischen
> Installationen".
> (Yes, this _is_ longer, but I find it more comprehensive.)
> By the way, this is a case where the hyphen is okay IMHO,
> even without translating "Virtual".

'Virtual Host' should not be translated. It's a proper name, explained
in the docs and used very often in german.
You are right, the hyphen in normal cases are wrong, but in this case
there must be a hyphen (because of concatenating a proper name with
other words).

> "Tiefergehende Erörterung des Virtual-Hosts-Matchings"
> I would be happy to see some translation of "matching" here,
> as this line makes little sense for the first-time reader now.

Hehe, do you have a really good translation? :)
I do not. So it's better to use the word like a technical term, every
(real *g*) programmer should know, and explain it, rather then cricking
the language and the reader's head.


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