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From Tomasz Babczyński (alter ego)>
Subject Re: apache 2.0; error mess., polish translation
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 13:54:40 GMT
 thanks for review.

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 05:43:49PM +0200, Jacek Prucia wrote:
> (mostly titles). However, until we come to consensus -- I'm against (-1)
I beleive, we'll come to consensus :)

Generally I agree with you. I've tried to mak titles as short as possible.
Probably I've exaggerated.

> s/bramka/brama/
I think it's a matter of taste. In "E-P Computing Dictionary"
both words are given. For me, it could be 'brama', why not.

> ...and I get the feeling that 'Zła' is more related to person description,
IMO rather colloquial, but you are right: 'nieprawidłowa' is better.
And what about 'niewłaściwa'?

> Not a big deal, but I would suggest "Serwer pośredniczący" instead of "Serwer
O. That's the word I've needed. Thank you.

> I think that "Dostęp zabroniony" would be much better here...
But 'wstęp wzbroniony' sounds better :) I'll insist on this.

> How about: "Zasób nie jest już dostępny".
Isn't it too long for a title on window's border?

> > +    Zapytanie metodą <!--#echo var="REDIRECT_REQUEST_METHOD" -->
> I would rather use: "Zapytanie używające metody <!--#echo [...] -->"

> > +<!--#set var="TITLE" value="Nie ma!" -->
> Ouch... "Zasób nie odnaleziony" looks lika a far better transaction for
> "Object not found".
And what answered the saleswoman in early 80'? :) I'm emotionally attached
to those 'nie ma!' ;)

> > Index: error/HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.html.var
> > +<!--#set var="TITLE" value="Nie da się!"-->
> Same here -- "Nie można przetworzyć zapytania"
'Funkcja niezaimplementowana',
'Obsługa niewykonalna',
'Usługa niezrealizowana'
... for further discussion.

> While "Za duży" seems to be literally corect, I would prefer "Zbyt długi",
> just like you used in error body.

> > +<!--#set var="TITLE" value="Wariant sam jest zmienny!"-->
> I would remove "sam" in favour of "także", but this is not so important.
And what about removing 'sam' completely?

> > +Jeśli może to być błąd po stronie serwera, proszę skontaktować się z<a

> > +href="mailto:<!--#echo encoding="url" var="SERVER_ADMIN" -->">
> > +zarządcą WWW</a>.
> s/może to być błąd/uważasz, że to błąd/
> s/zarządcą WWW/administratorem serwera/
It is exactly as in my first version. Now all messages (i hope) are in
impersonal form. In Polish 'ty' is a bit different from 'you' in English.
I don't like too much the 'może to być błąd' but I wouldn't like to
change it to 'uważasz'. I remain open to next propositions.
The second sentence. In the first version I had 'jego administratorem'
and changed to 'zarządcą WWW' because I've found it to be more closed
to original term 'webmaster'. The problem is to find who exactly is responsible
for such errors: webmaster or server admin, and whos mailbox is the proper
place for complaints. May be should it be 'administratorem serwera WWW'.

Dzięki jeszcze raz za uwagi,
Tomasz Babczyński

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