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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: search index for
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 22:20:04 GMT
>>> (One other thing: I'm not sure how good they are with sub-site searches;
>>> ie, search only under /docs-2.0/.  I guess a little expirimenting will be
>>> necessary.)
>> I'm currently dissecting their advanced search page to build our hidden
>> fields properly (assuming these fields won't change quite often in future).
>> A path thing is not there, but we could put a "hint word" like "Apache 2"
>> or someting into one of the fields.

> well ...
> an example is online at:
> <>

The results are good. Only some minor results do not fit, but those are
very few. I did not check, whether the search sorts out some good hits,
but I did not miss anything. The only problem I got ...

> There are reasonable results at least for the English version.
> The required source patch is attached. Comments/Suggestions?

Searches for non-english (e.g. german) phrases are successful too, but
the result link points to the english page. I think this is a content
negotiation problem. It should disappear, when we go online with the
language depending doc urls suggested by André several weeks (months?)
before. I hope we will do so.

+1 for using google


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