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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: New vhosts/index.html - please review
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 06:23:47 GMT
>> 'Virtual Host' should not be translated. It's a proper name, explained
>> in the docs and used very often in german.

> I see your point, but "virtueller Host" is a well known translation
> and IMHO should be used  - at least in some cases -  with preference.
> For References that directly refer to the <VirtualHost> directive
> it may also be feasible to use "VirtualHost", e.g., for things like
> "VirtualHost-Konfiguration" or "VirtualHost-Beispiel".

Well two opinions for translating the term. Ok, so I'll change this.

> A valid alternative is also "Virtual Host-Beispiele", because of
> "Virtual Host" being a proper name, but my preference is the variant
> with the hyphens.

No, sorry, the new german orthography says:
If the first parts of a term contain a proper name, a hyphen has to be
set between all parts of the term. see §50

>> > "Tiefergehende Erörterung des Virtual-Hosts-Matchings"
>> > I would be happy to see some translation of "matching" here,
>> > as this line makes little sense for the first-time reader now.
>> Hehe, do you have a really good translation? :)

> How about: "Beschreibung der Zuweisung von virtuellen Servern"?

Yes, this sounds fine for me. Thank you.


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