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Subject Antwort: Re: common docs infrastructure
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 18:38:33 GMT

Hi Andy,

>> httpd-docs/
>>    build.cmd
>>    target/
>>       httpd.xml
>>       flood.xml
>>    lib/
>>    style/
>>       common.xsl
>>       httpd.xsl
>>       flood.xsl
>>    httpd-1.3/
>>    httpd-2.0/
>>    flood/
>>    output/
> yes, this way would be a possibility (but need some more
> time to figure it out more specific). Where are all the
> docs people? Say something! ;-)

which (and how many) other projects could be candidates
for a merge of this type? (If many, then would there be
any benefit in having a deeper structure in this tree?)

And if there were to be common rules for all subprojects,
who would enforce that these rules are kept to by all
participants? Which subproject (if any) would be the one
to decide how things have to be done?
(Would "flood" be a "guest" in the "httpd" tree?)

Regards, Michael

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