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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject common docs infrastructure
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 21:57:35 GMT

	Hi there httpd-docs fellows,

I'm a commiter for another httpd subproject: httpd-test. In particular, I work
on flood -- a load testing software. One of flood problems is the lack of
real, user-orientated documentation. I'm willing to at least start writing
such documentation, but it feels kinda wrong to start everything from scratch,
since we have httpd-docs subproject. A common look'n'feel for documentation
for all httpd subprojects -- sure sounds great. However, after looking at
httpd-docs-build/site-tools repos it looks like there are some problems, that
need a cooperation in order to resolve. Here's what I have in mind:

1. common.xsl is not really common... there are templates (super-menu for
example) that are really httpd specific. So to use common.xsl for all
subprojects, we schould really rewrite it to be truly common. Specific
templates schould be in httpd.xsl and flood.xsl.

2. After setting up all flood related files (ant build files, stylesheets), it
would be great if we could integrate them into httpd-docs-build repo. That
would probably mean that schould be rewritten to accept project
name as first argument, or something along those lines.

3. Flood docs are really menat to be used on desktop machine. So besides plain
HTML (without MultiViews language extensions) a PDF file would be great. To
achieve this we could use Apache XML subproject -- Fop. If we could
develop common-fo.xsl, then httpd docs also could be transformed into PDF.
However that means schould accept another argument -- docs format.

If anything written above seems simply too hard to achieve for some reason,
then fine -- we can have docs on our own. On the other hand -- it would be
great if we could at least have common look'n'feel. Please post your opinions.

BTW. Since I had serious reason to post here, let me point out another small
issue: Why httpd-docs-build/lib dir is *so* bloated? There are useless jars
there, or at least it looks like this. To see if I'm right or wrong please
remove those files:


...and see if build still works. Besides that, it would be cool to have a
small README there mentioning which jar orginates from what package, and what
version we use right now.

Jacek Prucia

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