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From "kajaa zhang" <>
Subject Re: HERE is a Simplified Chinese Manual Transalation Project going on.
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 11:10:24 GMT
Sorry, the two emails before are mis-addressed, please remove it, thanks!

From:  <> 

Happy New Year, this is the Chinese New Year's Day!

* André Malo wrote: 

> Thanks for the explanation. I was unsure. In the meantime I've done some 
> homework. Well, the difference may be not as much as between Japanese and 
> Korean ;-), but anyway sufficient for a separate translation.
Yes, you are right, althought the differences are significant, they are not different  languages.

> hmm, adjusting my statement: the correct language tag would be zh-cn, right?
> (traditional would be zh-tw or zh-hk - are there actual differences 
between taiwan traditional and honkong traditional?) 

like JHKChan said, it is not neccesary to define zh-tw and zh-hk 
because there are no autual diferences between them.

Since in DEFAULT Apache httpd.conf, there are the following configs:
AddCharset GB2312		.gb2312 .gb 
AddCharset big5		.big5 .b5
, so I think it's OK to let it be as *.xml.zh & *, and 
avoid additional modifications to the config file by the end users. 
But, I think some modifications to the DEFAULT config file are necessary, 
because Traditional Chinese is just a charset of Chinese, not a 
independent language, so the default settings:
AddLanguage tw .tw
AddLanguage zh-tw .tw
are not reasonable, and should be replaced of:
AddLanguage zh .zh.

>> - the <!-- English Revision --> notes the CVS revision number of the
>> particular english original document, so it can't be 2.0
> Oh. They _are_ useful. The docs are not static. Noting the original CVS 
> revision number at translation time will help you to track the changes and 
> keep the translation in sync. 

it can't be 2.0, so what it should be? 1.3? for documents version 2.0?

> yep, I think it's clear now. I've done a first CVS checkout from your site. 
> If nobody beats me before and there are no objections, I'll try to 
> integrate it into our CVS next time (read: 1-2 weeks). 

> Thanks anyway for the contribution! 

This is the very thing we hope to happen. :)


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