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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: HERE is a Simplified Chinese Manual Transalation Project going on.
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 20:12:11 GMT
André Malo wrote:
> * kajaa zhang wrote:
> <snip>
> ok, let's sort a bit:
> - simplified chinese = *.xml.zh-cn and *
> - traditional chinese = *.xml.zh and *.html.zh.big5

-1, see below.

> that way? We have _at least_ at xml stage to use different language 
> extensions (because they are different translations).
> But IMHO we should be so consistent to overtake the language extension also 
> to the resulting html files
> Hmm ... While lookinhg around in the net, I find the differences between 
> the "two Chineses" expressed as "zh-cn" and "zh-tw". I think, we should 
> stick with it.
> What's your (or other) opinion about that?

Just took also a chinese lesson with Google and I can more or less 
verify this.

For example Mozilla defines the language by an ISO 639 two character 
code in lower case, plus a “-“ to connect an ISO 3166 code in upper 
case: If the font setting make sense to only one language used in a 
particular region/country: for example: “zh-TW” for Chinese used in Taiwan.

# “zh-CN”: for document encoded in Simplified Chinese encodings
# “zh-TW”: for document encoded in Traditional Chinese encodings


(nd: take a look at the last URL, there are also downloadable fonts for 
windows; sorry I don't have a win machine at home. As far as I can 
recall you've mentioned this together with the PDF concept [didn't 
forget you!])

>>Since in DEFAULT Apache httpd.conf, there are the following configs:
> Note, that the default is not only for the docs, it tries to be as much 
> common as possible (or so ;-).
>>AddLanguage tw .tw
>>AddLanguage zh-tw .tw
> That's wrong in the default config anyway. Having some more chinese 
> documents is a good reason to fix it ;-)

+1; this is really confusing :)



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