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From Luiz Rocha <>
Subject Re: MPM installation example
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:25:31 GMT
On Thursday 13 February 2003 00:21, Joshua Slive wrote:

> I'm not so hot on that text.  There are a ton of things that a user can do
> in compiling the server that will really mess it up under some
> circumstances.  Are we going to put a "Warning: please read the docs" on
> each one?

  I see your point.

> Suggestion: If you see a particular risk in an option, document that risk.
> But I suggest in this case that the documentation should go on the
> mpm.xml page rather than on install.xml.

  Okay. Again, I was just looking the install.xml file and I thought that it 
could be nice to have an example for this particular switch in the same 
fashion that other have, but I didn't fell good about not warning the risks 
of that action.

Luiz Rocha <>

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