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From "kajaa" <>
Subject Re: HERE is a Simplified Chinese Manual Transalation Project going on.
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 03:07:12 GMT
Thanks for the reply of André Malo and Erik Abele!

André Malo wrote:
> This was, however, a short summary of a somewhat complicated thing.
> I don't know about your knowledge about these issues, and especially I
> don't know which files your translation is based on. Since these
> information are neccessary for migrating your work into the apache
> repository (you probably want to contribute to both branches), we have to
> clarify that. But that should not stop us to work on it. :-)
> I think, it would be helpful, if you explain, what files you are using and
> how you get/got it.

This is the whole story of our Simplified Chinese Translation Project.

In the Apache distribute releases, there are many translations including
Japanese, Korean, and even Traditional Chinese, but no Simplified Chinese,
which is used by more than 1.3 billion peoples in the world, while
Traditional Chinese is used in some areas by approximately 10-20 million
peoples. As a Simplified Chinese user, I think I should do something if
possible, so the project started.

At the beginning, more than one month ago, I translated some files from
installed Apache httpd server 2.0.43 documents. For now, there are nearly
100 people participating in this project for translating and reviewing (see
our project forum,, of course in
Chinese, :) ), and there are nearly 60 pages are translated more than the
number in the Traditional Chinese translation.

While the project going on, we do concern about the official Apache Docs
Project, and noticed that it had upgrated to version 2.1. Although it may
cause confusion, I decided by fetch some new XML files in version 2.1 from
Apache CVS server to replace some old *, so, the versions we are
working on are newer than 2.0, and older than 2.1. Since the Simplified
Chinese translation is whole new to the Apache Releases, I think it may be
tolerable. Do you (others) have good sugguestions about this?

Erik Abele wrote:
> For example Mozilla defines the language by an ISO 639 two character
> code in lower case, plus a “-“ to connect an ISO 3166 code in upper
> case: If the font setting make sense to only one language used in a
> particular region/country: for example: “zh-TW” for Chinese used in

> # “zh-CN”: for document encoded in Simplified Chinese encodings
> # “zh-TW”: for document encoded in Traditional Chinese encodings

How about keep Simplified Chinese docs as *.xml.zh-cn and *,
and Traditional Chinese as *.xml.zh-tw and *.html.zh.big5? I think it's
better to make a decision ASAP without more modifications in the future,
isn't it?

Thanks for André Malo's detailed descriptions about CVS revision. I
mis-understood the revision number in XML files, and now it becomes clear.


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