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From André Malo>
Subject Re: translation of HTTP error messages into Czech
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 03:16:59 GMT
* Marcel Kolaja wrote:

> Alright, I will try to start with translating next week.

fine ;-)

>> But note that another native speaker is required for reviewing the
>> translation before committing it. If you know someone who speaks native
>> Czech, you may invite him/her to the list.
> I know lots of people, who speak native Czech :-) What everything is
> required from the person doing the review? Is it enough to write to this
> list: "Yes, this translation really rocks!"? :-) And is it an alternative
> if the translation are making two people together (so it can be said, they
> are performing the review each other)?

These are good questions, but not so easy to answer...
The goal is to provide a "good" translation. The review is desired to (try 
to) make sure, that the translator will do responsible work.

Generally it's a chicken and egg problem, of course, but bad experiences in 
the past made this step neccessary (or at least strongly recommended).

IMHO: start with your work. The reviewer should subscribe the list and say 
something ;-) at least at the time you present the result.
We're all adults, so that eventually upcoming issues should be solvable.

Thanks! nd
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