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From André Malo>
Subject Re: PDF transforms
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 23:43:27 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> This is very nice.  BUT, I think the biggest gain from PDF (and what most
> users want) comes from having one big PDF file with the entire
> documentation.  There is probably a way to do that by assembling the
> smaller ones with another program.

yep. As said before, the printer friendly pdf files were more an exercise 
to become familiar with the xsl-fo stuff. My idea to assemble them to a big 
one is similar to Erik's. I've just thought to transform the fo-files 
first, then collect them via a script or a java task (which has to be 
written by someone with java knowledge ;-) and put the names into an xml 
files and run another transformation over this file, which finally feeds 
fop. voila. (hopefully ;-)

> The available languages thing is also very nice.  Can you be a little more
> specific about what changes we need to make to have that work?

Oh, I already was (some weeks ago). Seems, the posting disappeared in the 
noise ;-)
- We have to change the build system to create metafiles, that contain the
  available variants (languages, pdf files). This will happen 
  automatically. (but the metafiles have to be checked in, otherwise the 
  script has no chance to check the timestamp dependencies correctly)
  The perl script which maintains the metafiles could be rewritten in java, 
  so that we don't require perl for the build process. But again, this has 
  to be done by someone with java knowledge ;-)

- the metafiles have to be references anyway from within the xslt. There 
  are two possibilities to achieve this:
  * reference the particular metafile in a attribute in the document's 
    rootelement (metafile="documentbasename.meta")
  * inject the filename via ant into the transformation process.
  the latter would be initally more easy, but has some drawbacks: we loose 
  the last rest of browser compatibility, since the xslt relies on an 
  information that's only available, if we run the transformation with ant.
  Besides it requires the <foreach> task.
  Conclusion: I'd prefer the first variant. It seems to be more clean 

- We have to setup the rewrite rules on daedalus. (That is independant from 
  the changes above.) IMHO the rewrite map file itself should go into 
  style/lang, thus we can maintain it via CVS (but no errors should occur 
  then with that file, since it may break the whole daedalus apache...)
  But we have to decide, how to distribute the docs 
  within a release package. I'll require mod_rewrite for only viewing the 
  docs locally reluctantly. But currently I've no good idea how to solve 
  that problem.
  (Note that there are some pathes to adjust in the attached ruleset)

- some minor changes in CSS and XSLT, to build in the links.

I'm going to commit the neccessary changes (I think, at 2.1 docs for now, 
so that we can see, how it works, and port them back later), if the 
suggestions get acknowledged.
            ^^^ ? ;-)

"Die Untergeschosse der Sempergalerie bleiben währenddessen aus
 statistischen Gründen geflutet." -- Spiegel Online

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