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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: new xml element for translators note
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 08:22:47 GMT
> I want to add a new xml element <transnote> to common.xml. This document
> could be used for translation notes. These notes should always be short
> but sometimes they are neccessary because some terms do not have a
> really good equivalent in german (don't know if other translations need
> those notes too).


> Well, I'll add this element the next days if there are no objections.
> I'll also post a format suggestion then.

Well, the element has been added to the DTD. A layout suggestion can be 
found at The string
   (Anm.d.Ü.:"Kann nicht an Port ... binden" )
is such a translation note. More concrete:  
   <transnote>"Kann nicht an Port ... binden"</transnote> 
will be build to  
   (Anm.d.Ü.:"Kann nicht an Port ... binden" ). 
The string "Anm.d.Ü.:" is language dependend telling the reader "this is a 
translation note".

So please, let me know your comments...

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