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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Some bugs.
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 19:40:01 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

>> I think it'll be better to leave <default> section blank, or use dash to
>> clear up the possible mess.
> I agree completely (and favor just omitting the <default> section in
> these cases).  Any other opinions?


>> Yep... About Autogeneration of PDF... What do you think about (La)TeX, and
> I'm a big fan of LaTeX, but I think André already has a very good start on
> some FOP-based stuff.  If it turns out that that doesn't work, we can look
> at the LaTeX route.

agreed. However, perhaps you (or mvf) have some hints for free 
russian/japanese/other-when-they-appear-to-be-needed fonts (times and 
courier [japanese: mincho and ?]), that are without restrictions, i.e. 
could potentially be hold in CVS (I'm not sure, what license to the windows 
fonts applies).
fop can work with TTF and type 1 fonts (whatever that means, I don't know 
very much about such things ;-) [<>]

"Eine Eieruhr", erklärt ihr Hermann, "besteht aus einem Ei. Du nimmst
das Ei und kochst es. Wenn es hart ist, sind fünf Minuten um. Dann weißt
du, daß die Zeit vergangen ist."
                             -- Hannes Hüttner in "Das Blaue vom Himmel"

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