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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: [Review] mod_authz_owner docs
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:12:16 GMT

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, André Malo wrote:

> the docs are partially obtained from the original 1.3 mod_auth
> documentation.
> However, any comments would be appreciated.
> <>

Looks good.  +1

A few comments:

This module, by nature, is a little confusing because of the way it
mixes web and unix credentials.  I think you could be a little more
explicit and consistent about this.  I would make my first sentence
something like

"This module authorizes access to files by comparing the userid used for
HTTP authentication (the web userid)  with the file-system owner or group
of the requested file."

Then I would try to use the terms "web userid" and "file-system
owner/group" consistently in the rest of the doc.

In the summary under "file-owner", I'm not sure why you use the word
"also" in the first sentence, and it should be "the operating system says"
in the second sentence.

I had to read the "file-group" section over several times to understand
it.  I think using the terms above consistently will help.

In the <note> in the summary, rather than saying it will result in an
"Authentication Required reply", why don't you just say it will deny
access (or, at least, it will "not allow access").  You need to know
something about HTTP auth to know that these two statements are

Under the AuthzOwnerAuthoritative directive, "allows to combine" should
read "allows the combination of".  Also, that sentence should probably say
that "access will be allowed" if one or the other or both match.

In the last paragraph, say "setting it to On", rather than "not setting it
to off".


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