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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: build system out of memory
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 20:34:40 GMT

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Astrid Ke├čler wrote:

> > At the moment we have java OutOfMemory errors on at least some platforms
> > when building the docs.  This is a pain, and adds to the already difficult
> > process of getting the docs tree setup and built.  Any suggestions for
> > simplifying the stylesheets to get rid of this problem?
> The attched patch of build.xml should help. Someone has to commit this,
> because I lack the neccessary commit rights.

Ummm... Could you tell me what it does.  I don't really understand the

[Also, check the mime type on your patches.  That one got
application/octet-stream, which is a pain to deal with.]



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