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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: General status and "where we're at"
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 12:59:04 GMT
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On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Jason Lingohr wrote:

> I have to be honest, I'm somewhat lost as to where we are with stuff.
> I realise the content of the STATUS files, but with the recent xml stuff
> and whatnot, I'm not sure as to what we're (meant to be) working on.
> Josh, Rich, William?

I'm sufficiently out of the loop, what with Real Life getting in the
way, trying to meet book deadlines, and preparing for a mod_perl class
next week, that I seem to have no idea what is going on. I've made a few
changes lately because I came across problems while writing, but I don't
have any real plan of attack.

I know that there are some final remaining files that need to be
converted to XML, and I still think that this is a pretty big priority.
Lugging around the two different file formats is no fun, and gives an
inconsistent look to the site.

And, personally, I have found myself very dissatisfied with the howto
documentation in the last few weeks -- primarily because I wrote most of
it, and so the errors, inconsistencies, and bad organization in some of
them particularly embarrass me. Hopefully I'm being harder on myself
than other folks would be. ;-) Nevertheless, I think that some other
person going through the howto files, and being as critical as a 6th
grade English Composition teacher, would be a really good thing. Don't
be concerned about hurting my feelings - I'm used to editors being
critical, and it is a necessary and useful part of the process.

As noted by another recent poster, we could use some more howto-type
documentation. However, the shotgun approach of the past should be
replaced with a real plan of what howto docs we want to see there. The
shotgun approach (and, probably, the disorganized nature of the docs)
is largely due to the fact that these were articles written for another
purpose, and donated here after the fact. If someone had a list of
beginner docs that seemed reasonable, we could put together a multi-step
tutorial process that a beginner could walk through. (And put myself out
of a job.)

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Rich Bowen
Apache, mod_perl training
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