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Subject Antwort: Re: german translation of core.xml
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 17:18:01 GMT

Hi Kess,

>>> eine AddOutputFilterByType-Direktive für jeden von ihnen zu verwenden.
>> to what does "ihnen" refer here?
> This refers to filters.

Could this then possibly be expressed that explicitly?

> Well, I will think about a more readable sentence.

That's all I wanted. ;-)

>>> nicht jedoch bei anderen Modulen
>> There is no equivalent to "andere" in the English version.
>> (Use "beliebige" to translate "any", or just omit it here.)
>> Using "andere" would mean that "core" is a module as well - is it?
> It's a poing of view.

Sure - it's just that your point of view differed from the
one of the English original text.

>> I would use "Verzeichnispfad", as this one is about the name of
>> the directory, not about its actual content etc.
> I have difficulties to see why "Verzeichnis" could be understood
> as "Verzeichnisinhalt". When I think of a directory, I'm thinking
> of its name not its content.

When I think of a directory, I think about the sectors its
representation occupies on the drive ... this one _is_ the
directory, while the path is just some algorithm to locate it.
(But maybe that's only me who sees a difference there.)

>>> The DocumentRoot should be specified without a trailing slash.
>> Simple (maybe stupid) question: "Why?"
>> This might be worth a link to whatever.
> The directive itself accepts a path with a trailing slash (as I
> understand the code), but maybe some path concatenation could go
> wrong later. But I'm not really sure.

Sounds like a +1 from your side that some link to a more
detailed description might not be such a bad idea here ...

Regards, Michael

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