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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re: build system out of memory
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 21:20:01 GMT
>> The attched patch of build.xml should help. Someone has to commit this,
>> because I lack the neccessary commit rights.

> Ummm... Could you tell me what it does.  I don't really understand the
> point.

This simply separates the generation of directive index and module
index. Both of them use sitemap.xml to collect their data. This means,
all module docs have mentioned there are read.
As I understand the build process right, first, all module docs are read
and the directive index is build. Then all module docs are read again
and the module index is build. This blasts the available memory.

The patch separates this process and force the build procedure to free
the memory after directive index and before reading the module docs for
building the module index.

Hm, nd should be able to explain it better. It's his patch to help me
with the same problem some days ago.

> [Also, check the mime type on your patches.  That one got
> application/octet-stream, which is a pain to deal with.]

Oups, sorry. I should not use my newsreader to send mails.


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