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From mvf <>
Subject Some bugs.
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 16:10:53 GMT

I'm translating Apache docs into russian (best regards to Ilia Soldis :) )
and i'm also working on my own Apache derived project, and I have copied Apache
directives documentation into the database for the sake of convenience. After some 
automatized data processing with this database, some bugs in documentation
were fetched out. There are some errors in directives headers, usage wasn't
checked. This little bugs are listed below. 

       File: mod_auth_ldap.xml
  Directive: AuthLDAPRemoteUserIsDN
        Bug: <default>AuthLDAPUserIsDN
Description: Looks like "Remote" missing.
       File: mod_ssl.xml
  Directive: SSLProxyVerifyDepth
        Bug: <syntax>SSLVerifyDepth...<default>SSLVerifyDepth
                       ^^                        ^^
Description: Looks like "Proxy" missing.
       File: mod_proxy.xml
  Directive: ProxyRemoteMatch
        Bug: <syntax>ProxyRemote
Description: Looks like "Match" missing.
       File: mod_auth_ldap.xml
  Directive: AuthLDAPFrontPageHack
        Bug: <default>AuthLDAPFronPageHack
Description: Misprint. "t" missing.

In some places there is text like this: "<default>None</default>" this can
be understand incorrectly, i.e. like as the default value of directive is 
"DirectiveName None" (like "AllowOverride None").

I think it'll be better to leave <default> section blank, or use dash to
clear up the possible mess.

 This phrase exist in several documents, namely:
   file                 directive(s)
   mod_disk_cache.xml   CacheRoot

   mod_rewrite.xml      RewriteOptions

   mod_ssl.xml          SSLProxyMachineCertificatePath

   core.xml             CGIMapExtension

That's all founded bugs... for today :)

Yep... About Autogeneration of PDF... What do you think about (La)TeX, and 
pdf(La)TeX? pdf(La)TeX document can be autogenerated from XML, after that it can 
be compiled into the good PDF document (with bookmarks, links, images, contents, 
auto hyphenation, glossary and so on, minimal size, Type 1(outline) fonts). The 
other plus is usability - by changing few lines you can get booklet, two-columns,
A4, letter page size, and so on. It's as easy as changing css-file. Other reason
- (La)Tex os opensource, freeware, mulltiplatform, same as Apache :) Of course
it's not very simle, were are some difficulties but you will get a good result.
I hope i'm not unique who use LaTeX, and there is someone who will
write xsl for converting apache-docs ftom XML to LaTeX

Look the example of such xsl at:
Information about pdfTeX
and about hyperref package useful to create good-looking pdf using pdfLaTeX

If there is nobody who will do this, i can do it myself but only in
the spring or even in summer, furthermore all documents must be converted
to XML at first.

OK, that's all I wanna say... Good luck!

best regards,
Mikhail Filimonov             

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