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From Luiz Rocha <>
Subject [NEW] custom_errordocs.xml descriptors.xml fin_wait_2.xml known_client_problems.xml tutorials.xml
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:31:07 GMT
  I did the convertion on the last files in the misc/ folder. They are 
attached on this mail.

  I also converted them and checked. I think they are ok, but I'd like if 
someone else could also check them.

  Oh, and I didn't do any changes in their content, which means that they may 
still be outdated, needing some cleanup. I can try and look them more 
carefully, but I think I might need some help to do the cleanup, to avoid 

  If anyone have some hints, tips, note or whatever, step forward, please.

Luiz Rocha <>

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