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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Stop shipping XML
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 19:50:58 GMT
* Erik Abele wrote:

> I would also like to see only the xml sources in cvs (I hate the nasty HTML
> update mails)

hmm. My CVS knowledge is very low, but I guess, someone could do some magic 
in order to omit that mails.
Although we _loose control_. Sometimes it's very useful to get also the 
transformation mails (especially if an transformation error occured). At 
least one person reads them (/me; the german, russian and english documents 

> for the online site I think we could use nagoya (has a sufficient JVM AFAIK)
> to build the docs, and then copy them over to daedalus. but that's only one
> point.

yes. But I recall, that we introduced the different language targets to 
make sure, that the transformation is correct. So at least one 
representative of every language would need access rights on nagoya and 

(Sorry, don't want to be so destructive, really...)

>> However, we could use separate directories for xml and html, like the
>> httpd-site does. I would support that.
> this sounds much better to me. Perhaps we should brainstorm some possible
> solutions for this. I would like to see some layout in the following form:
>| - build
>| - docs-html
>   | - developer
>   + - other html-only files

at this point (sorry for mixing discussions):
We should drop html-only docs. For automation processes it's neccessary to 
have xml sources for every file.

For example, I'm currently working on PDF for print using fop (will 
introduce them today evening or tomorrow, whenever it gets ready). The html 
files are not parseable by the processor and therefore get no pdf.


I'd like more a source tree and a result tree (xdocs and docs on 
httpd-site). So all variants of a resource coexist in the same directory. 
This is much easier to manage and more intuitive, I think.

>| - share
>   | - images
>   + - style
>   or (my favourite, if it wouldn't be too hard):
>   | - css
>   | - dtd
>   | - img
>   + - xsl

So the images and css would appear in the result tree while dtds, xsl and 
other helper files would appear in the source tree.

Seems all discussable ;-)

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