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From André Malo>
Subject Re: build system
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 17:36:13 GMT
* Luiz Rocha wrote:

>    I've been trying to build some docs I translated but I keep getting the
> same error, the ant engine complains that some punctuation characters (like
> ccedil and atilde) are not defined in the (that invokes the
> pt-br.xml).
>    But the fact is that they are defined in the pt-br.xml file.

how? (could not find the file on your translation page ;-)

Since we don't have a general entity table defined, at least for the german 
translation we use character references (&#xxx;) (as you also described on 
your chartable page).

IIRC there were some objections against introducing character entity 
definitions, because mozilla is not able to show them, resp. refuses to 
parse the document.
(Is this up-to-date?)

>    I did solve this adding the character definitions (the ENTITY stuff) in the
> common.dtd file, but I don't think this is the best or the most elegant
> solution.

Entities have to be defined in a DTD. Of course, we should put them into a 
separate file or somewhat, but the principle is the same.

>    Does anyone have some idea for my to try here? I'd like to mess up only
> with pt-br exclusive files to solve this one, but I'm out of ideas right now.

see above. character references (&#xxx;) are fine. Alternatively, if we 
decide to abstain from mozilla's xslt "support", I'd very like to include 
the entity stuff completely from the w3 xhtml DTDs (via URL or locally 
stored? I'd prefer the latter.)

"Die Untergeschosse der Sempergalerie bleiben währenddessen aus
 statistischen Gründen geflutet." -- Spiegel Online

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