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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Stop shipping XML
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 21:39:26 GMT
* Erik Abele wrote:

> André Malo wrote:

>> We should drop html-only docs. For automation processes it's neccessary to
>> have xml sources for every file.
> +1 on dropping them completely, but up to now we have them around ;-(

yes, but it's not such a _big_ problem. The information is there, whether 
pdf or not ;-)
Some day we'll get them (the earlier the better, of course *g*).

>> For example, I'm currently working on PDF for print using fop (will
>> introduce them today evening or tomorrow, whenever it gets ready). The html
>> files are not parseable by the processor and therefore get no pdf.

> Great, I was working on this two months ago but than I ran totally out of
> time. Do you plan to generate one big pdf document which contains all the
> xml sources or several pdf docs?

The first step was to learn xsl-fo and the limitations of fop (*sigh*).
The current stage consists of a pdf file per document - optimized for 
print. There are just some final nits, that I'm currently picking.

The next stage then can base on this work and merge the stuff together.
(But there are still some problems to solve before.)

> We should wait for some other opinions


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