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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: [PATCH][RESEND] windows.xml rewrite
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 23:20:20 GMT
> Thanks! The obscurity of the original documents was one reason for
> this rewrite effort. My first Apache installations on Windows were a
> lot less than successful, and then there were these docs to find help
> from. Whoa... not an experience I'd like to live again.

Hehe, yes, I remember my first attempt with virtual hosts. It was a 

Well, your rewritten document is also much easier to translate into 
german then some other documents containing multiple nested sentences 
which have to be cut into two or more in german. Sometimes really a hard 

>> 4)
>>    If you don't specify a configuration file with -f  or -n, Apache
>>    will use the file name compiled into the server, such as
>>    conf\httpd.conf, relative to the path specified by the ServerRoot 
>>    directive. 
>> Maybe I'm missing something. But the sentence is mistakable. One
>> could read: the configuration file is relative to the ServerRoot
>> directive. This could never be because the configuration file must be
>> found and read before apache is able to notice the ServerRoot
>> directive. 
> Yes, this sentence was strange indeed. Actually it's almost ridiculous
> when I read it afterwards! Please see the reworked version - might be
> SLIGHTLY better. ;-)
> I assume the hardcored configuration file path is relative to the
> Apache.exe startup folder. Am I correct on this?

eh, no. The file path is relative to the installation directory. With 1.3 
Apache.exe was stored directly in the installation directory. With 2.0 
Apache.exe has been moved to the subfolder bin. 

I changed this little sentence and commited your work.

> I attached a patch for sitemap.xml which removes the now-obsolete
> win_service.xml link. The file on CVS is also not needed any more - I
> don't know how that'll be handled.

It's also done. Thank you.


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