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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: [PATCH][RESEND] windows.xml rewrite
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 21:30:10 GMT
Joshua Slive <> wrote in

> On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Iikka Meriläinen wrote:
>> I was just wondering if someone has had time/willingness/knowledge
>> etc. to review my rewrite work on windows.xml? The most recent patch
>> is attached to this message. Simply put: is the patch worth
>> committing? I personally think it makes the topic clearer... :-)

I'm already on it, but haven't finished yet. Give me another day please :)

However, I'm not sure about Win 9x and I can't test this. But everything 
sounds nice I've read till now.

> One issue: Your editor seems to have converted from Unix to DOS
> line-endings, resulting in a massive diff (every line differs by at
> least the line-ending).  Is there any way you can fix that?
> Otherwise, whomever goes to commit it can fix it.  It just might slow
> down the review process.

I'll do it for this patch. 


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