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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: please review translated stopping
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:30:12 GMT
Well, first, thank you both, Irmund and Michael, for your suggestions. They 
will be considered during revision.

But please, if you review a translation, note:
It's only a translation, not a docs rewrite. If we want to enhance the 
documentation, we have to do it within the English original.

So if you suggest enhancements, I would be glad, if you could seperate them 
a little bit from translation smoothing. This would help much more than the 
attempt to clarify issues within the German translation which are 
mistakable in the original docs.

Michael, some notes to your comments:

> And I don't particularly like "fließenden", but I have no good
> translation for "graceful" either. ("vorsichtig"/"careful"?)

Yes, a meaningful and nice translation of "graceful" is very, very 
difficult. The corresponding German word is "gnadenvoll". nd suggested 
"weich". "rücksichtsvoll" is sometimes used for description and may be the 
nearest explanation of the effect. But it sounds  - like "gandenvoll" - a 
litte bit strange in this context and I could not find a better term. So 
I've choosen "fließend", because  graceful does a fluent restart. So 
"fließend" describes its funtionality. A similar suggestion may be "sanft"

I'm not very pleased with "fließend". It's only the best, I could find.

And I don't like "vorsichtig" very much, because it sounds to much like 
"äh, ich taste mich mal da ran, wie weit ich mit dem Neustart komme" which 
gives the wrong impression.

> ... wouldn't "root" qualify to be tagged as <code>...</code?>

Except one occurrence root in not enclosed in <code>...</code> in the whole 
docs. Um, I would say: it is depending on the context. If we mean the user 
root itself, it should be tagged, if we mean the concept, it shouldn't.

Any comments to this?

> Is there any alternative to having a ScoreBoardFile on the (hard) disk?
> (Like holding it in RAM or whatever.)

Yes, a scoreboard file is only neccessary, if your architecture is not able 
to manage it using RAM. E.g. Linux and Windows 2000 do not need it.

> Never use different notions when you mean the same thing.

The original docs often uses the directive names fluently within the text. 
So we have to decide for each case to translate and change the sentence and 
link or to use the directive name. 

> "Er kann nach dem Lesen einer Anfrage aber vor dem Lesen eines
>      Anfrage-Headers enden"
> ... who is this "er" here anyway? I cannot detect any reference for it.

"Er" is the child process.

> "dem httpd-Prozess zu signalieren,"
> I wouldn't consider "signalieren" to be a German word. (Google is
> taking my side here, although there are 60 hits worldwide. ;-)

Ough, the terrible knots in my fingers :)

Well, after all, the last section seems heavily outdated as asked at my 
initial post. But I'm not sure about and want some developers to explain 
these issues. Furthermore, the whole document shoud be clarified much more. 
If I find the time and nobody beats me I'll start this based on your 


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