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From André Malo>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style common.dtd
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:49:50 GMT
* Erik Abele wrote:

>> The mozilla bug is not really a bug. AFAICS it's intended. mozilla loads
>> external documents only from urls that use the chrome: scheme.
>> Unfortunately I don't find the url again, where I read this ;-(
> To quote you from another mail on the dev@ list: 'A feature that can't be
> disabled is a *bug*' (Message-ID:
> <n2m-g.19snvq46nezxb$>). Therefore, I consider this
> definitely as a bug ;-)

ehm, yes ;-)

>> However. I'm not happy with that solution, since it adds a dependency to
>> the process that is (currently) not needed. If we consider sometime not to
>> distribute the entity files (that are only required for the transformation
>> process), we may simply re-add the stuff, that's now in.
>> The .dtds are already referenced absolute and with publicId, so there's no
>> problem.
> Well, I'm going fine with this; we don't _need_ it now, that's right, but I
> just can't see how 8 (?) lines complicate the build process so much and IMO
> 'foreign' resources should be referenced to their original source instead of
> referencing them with local copies, but that's more a personal thing...

Hmm. seems really to be a question of taste. So I'm putting a +/- 0 ;-)

> However, another more important concern is Ants memory usage. After playing
> with some entities I realized strong problems: just randomly touch some
> files in the manual dir and add some entities (e.g. &copy;) to some of them.
> Then build. I'm always getting OutOfMemory failures and can only build the
> whole tree after calling several times. I don't know if it's
> machine-dependent (I can currently build only on redhat8.0, P4/128MB, will
> test it later with 1GB RAM on freebsd) but I would like to hear some other
> experiences with this. Perhaps the conclusion is, that we have to back out
> the whole entity-thing :-(

Cannot reproduce it with first tests. But this may be dependant on my 
"optimized" java call. I increased the thread stack size already some time 
ago (while playing around with design improvements...)

i.e. the commandline options

-Xmx128m -mx128m

set the stack size to 128K instead of 64 (default in newer java machines, 
at least on win32). found this on the xalan pages (I believe).

However, the memory usage was about the same with or without some randomely 
disitributed &copy;s (~ 100 K RAM).

it's a Win2k/Duron 1000/384KB box.

> Well, I've no problem with using &#160; :-) Thoughts???

since it's not an entity.

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