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From André Malo>
Subject [Review] httpd-2.1 auth docs cleanup
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 00:26:20 GMT
this patch tries to take full care of the aaa changes and cleanup the docs 
a bit (escpecially mod_auth_digest). Please review.

main changes:

- introduce docs for mod_authn_default, mod_authz_default and 
  mod_authz_user (not included in the patch, because it's a cvs diff; see 
  below for full online version)
- fix argument lists of the provider directives
- fix the examples (intended to be better :)
- introduce the AuthDigestShmemSize directive
- remove AuthDigestUser/GroupFile
- mention htdigest in AuthUserFile docs

As usual you'll find all the stuff online at 
<> (both xml and html output).

(an impressive list of auth modules *g*)

TIA, nd
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