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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Stop shipping XML
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 02:33:18 GMT
* Astrid Kessler wrote:

>> I'd like more a source tree and a result tree (xdocs and docs on
>> httpd-site). So all variants of a resource coexist in the same
>> directory. This is much easier to manage and more intuitive, I think.
> +1 If there are too much result documents I would like a directory for
> each language rather then for each file type. (Yes, I know this would be
> a problem for content negotiation. But not so much if we use nds
> suggestion on language links.)

Uhm. My proposal (currently) relies on having them within the same 
directory. The language links work that way, that, *if* one is, say, in the 
german branch (/manual/de/...) and requests a document that is not 
translated yet, mod_negotiation will do its work and deliver the best other 

That could probably be worked around with .var files in every branch, which 
would force growing the file numbers again...

Holding them in separate directories would also cause different 
ETag-Headers (if they would been sent, which is currently not the case, 
because we have the INCLUDES filter still running) for equal resources 
(which are not translated yet).

However, I would keep the languages within the same directories, so -0 on 
your suggestion.

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