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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Stop shipping XML
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 18:06:25 GMT
* Mads Toftum wrote:

> As it is I'd much prefer to have xml only for all generated pages in cvs
> and only create html when rolling the tarball.

That's not so easy like it sounds.
It assumes, that the RM has to be properly installed java runtime and the 
neccessary classes (xalan, xerces, ant etc.).

The other point is, that he should control all generated files (currently 
about 200). For example, I have the problem, that I'm not able to build the 
japanese html files properly (have some weird problems with special 
characters). And controlling is not possible anyway since I simply cannot 
read japanese ;-)

Last but not least, the docs have to go some way to the online site 
( Either one would build them locally and put 
them up or build them there on the server (also a properly installed build 
system assumed, see above). Currently it's a simple cvs checkout.

However, we could use separate directories for xml and html, like the 
httpd-site does. I would support that.

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