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From Iikka Meriläinen <>
Subject Rewriting Windows docs of 2.0
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 17:57:10 GMT
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I'm starting a slight rewrite of Windows-specific platform docs for Apache
2.0, as the STATUS file requests. This includes at least
platform/windows.xml rewrite. If anyone is doing the same right now, please
let me know ASAP.

What I'm planning to do is roughly the following:

1) Update windows.xml to reflect any recent changes.
2) A better organization of topics around running Apache
 - I'd prefer a merge of windows.xml and win_service.xml
   into a single file, with a thorough discussion of
   different methods of running the server.

Currently there exists a lot of overlapping content in windows.xml and
win_service.xml, which needs to be organized in a more intuitive way.
I'm trying to eliminate redundancies while preserving the content on
service installations as the facts _are_ OK, but the level of organization
is quite poor.

What about this kind of topics for the new document:
  Downloading Apache for Windows

  Installing Apache for Windows

  Customizing Apache for Windows

  Running Apache as a Service

  Running Apache as a Console Application

I think the topics can be written thoroughly under these five subheadings.

The STATUS file also mentioned that Bill Rowe and Bill Stoddard are "good
contacts for tech questions". Well, Bills, may I disturb you if technical
problems arise? I think there are a couple of questions that need to be
answered before rewriting some sections. :-) (my apologies for cross-posting
to your personal addresses, not sure whether you are on this list)

Please comment on this. Any ideas are extremely welcome!

Best regards,

 Iikka Meriläinen
 Vaala, Finland
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