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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: build system
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 07:46:46 GMT
> Betreff: Re: build system
>>> yep, I know; it's easy to work with an HTML editor ;-)
>> Very true ;)
> Hm, I configured my editor to work with character references. But this is
> still an emergency solition, not very handy. Entities would be much more
> useful.
>>> We could easily add them via URL reference to the original w3
>>> resources. But this would require an internet connection every time
>>> you're running a transformation. (working with normal dial-up
>>> here...) 
>> I do use dial-up here too. The solution would have to be a local
>> one. 
>> I think it would be great to have a file or something with this
>> references. 
> How about a local copy of the original w3 resources?
> Kess

If no one objects, I will assemble and commit the necessary patches at the
weekend (absolutely no time right now). I'm thinking of a local copy of the
common w3c character entities Latin1, Symbols and Special. I also plan to
use the catalog types in Ant to prevent us from fetching the data from the
net on every everyone should be fine.

BTW, the Mozilla problem still persists with 1.2.1 (haven't tested 1.3b up
to now). But since the xml-docs are not browsable anyway, I think this will
do no harm to anyone :-)


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