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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Extended character entities
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 22:57:02 GMT

as promised, I added the required changes to be able to use the 
well-known character entities (&copy;, &ouml;, ...) instead of the 
numerical ones (&#174;, ...) in all the XML documents which use common.dtd.

The changes affect the following files in the described way:

* common.dtd: addition of the entity references to their PUBLIC resources

* style/w3c/*.ent & *.dtd: the entity sets plus the used DTDs (required 
for the validation of the output files)

* build.xml:
   * <xmlcatalog> type to allow Ant to use the local
     copies of the public W3C resources (see files in w3c)

   * new target to easily validate the resulting XHTML
     docs ('validate-xhtml')

    * renamed the present 'validate' target to 'validate-xml'

If there are any questions please ask and if you experience any problems 
please scream up load :-) my first tests run quite nicely, but I can see 
Ant eating up a fair amount of the available RAM; I sincerely hope that 
the newly introduced entity sets don't consume too much RAM on weaker 
systems :-( but lets see how it performs.

BTW, the validation of the generated XHTML files is quite 
interesting...but look for yourself ;-)


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