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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject clickable language selection
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:28:24 GMT
i get an appreciable number of messages from people wondering
why they're being presented with the documentation in a different
language than english.  naturally this is because of their browser
settings, but it really *would* be nice to have a way of clicking
on a link on each docco page to change the 'default' language.

unfortunately, i don't see any way to do this without a) making
all the docco pages dynamic or b) losing the advantages of
negociation for those pages which aren't yet translated to
the chosen language.

seems to me we could perhaps learn something in this area from
the php docco people..
#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini  http://Golux.Com/coar/
Author, developer, opinionist      http://Apache-Server.Com/

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