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From Francis Daly <>
Subject Re: (fwd)
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 13:03:02 GMT
On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 01:09:47PM +0100, Andr?  Malo wrote:
> * Mark J Cox wrote:
> > So it looks like IE installed in the UK sets up the browser by default to
> > send a HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE of en-gb and doesn't also include en.
> *gsmpf*
> *arrgh*
> [...]
> What a fsck!
> > So
> > James's browser is sending "en-gb,fr;q=0.5" and since that doesn't include
> > a plain "en" we end up sending him French.
> So what can we do? AFAICS, the "right" way to handle that automatically 
> would be including "en" into the accept-string. 

Actually, rfc-wise, that's the *wrong* thing to do.  Best case, you
might be able to assume "en" as the lowest-priority thing in the
accept-string, but his "fr;q=0.5" would still overrule it.

> Labelling the document language(s) as en-gb would be very wrong.

Well, if that is the language they are in, then that labelling would
be right.  And if anyone asked for "en", they could get the "en-gb"

But you're right that it is the wrong solution to a broken client

> However, a senseful solution with cross references between languages has to 
> be created. It's listed in STATUS already ;-) perhaps it should get 
> increased priority.

The last time this came up (when IE sent "en-us", and nothing matched,
and people got the "jp" content because it was the smallest),
"ForceLanguagePriority" was introduced, as far as I recall.

That won't help now.

Really and truly, the only way for this work work is for the user to
configure their client properly.

If he doesn't want to see french, lose the "fr" bit from his settings.
Then "en-gb" will still fail, but the server might use
"LanguagePriority" and "ForceLanguagePriority" to give the server
administrator's preferred content.

Unfortunately, I can't think of an answer that will be acceptable to
the users.  Pointing them at <URL:> (or
<URL:> if they read english) is
the best I can suggest.

Francis Daly

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