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From Luiz Rocha <>
Subject Re: build system
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 03:02:23 GMT
On Monday 09 December 2002 18:06, André Malo wrote:

> >    In the common.dtd, I just added the ENTITY tags.
> ...and the common.dtd is nearly ever used.

  But with the entities in the common.dtd it worked.

> yep, I know; it's easy to work with an HTML editor ;-)

   Very true ;)

> ;-)
> We could easily add them via URL reference to the original w3 resources. 
> But this would require an internet connection every time you're running a 
> transformation. (working with normal dial-up here...)

   I do use dial-up here too. The solution would have to be a local one.

   I think it would be great to have a file or something with this references. 
It would make the translations easier, and not just for pt-br. On the other 
hand, I don't want this thing to change the build system too much.

   Anyone has a different opinion about this?

Luiz Rocha <>

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