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From André Malo>
Subject [Review] mod_include.xml rework
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:31:05 GMT
I did some rework on the mod_include documentation. The main intention was 
to get more clearness for the user. It's a 50 K diff, so I put it online at
<>. The html output can be found 
at <>.

The main changes are (a bit unsorted):

- moved path_info section below the "enabling" section
- dropped "Using Server Side Includes for ErrorDocuments" section and added
  a simple seealso instead. I don't see, that we need a separate section to
  set a link.
- created an own subsection for every SSI element and put an overview table
  on top of it, this resolves also the mozilla problem with nested <dl>s,
  that was still present (sometimes)

- added a note about the behaviour of fsize/flastmod virtual
- removed apache 1.2 compatibility notes (this is a 2.x documentation)
- added a compat note in the module overview table
- added description for QUERY_STRING_UNESCAPED
- splitted flow control descriptions (=, != vs. <, <=, >, >=; the former 
  allow regexps, the latter don't)
- added a sentence and an example about regexp capturing
- mentioned the literal comparison (vs. numerical)

the rest is mostly markup and reformatting.

Waiting for some comments, extensions, flames etc... ;-)

"Die Untergeschosse der Sempergalerie bleiben währenddessen aus
 statistischen Gründen geflutet." -- Spiegel Online

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