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From André Malo>
Subject auth-docs reversion in 2.0 branch (was: RM 2.0.44)
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2002 01:49:54 GMT
[xpost dev & docs]

* André Malo wrote:

> but the docs. I guess, it's better to back out them manually (and remove
> the obs_* stuff etc.) I'm willing to do that, say today/tomorrow if
> neccessary.

been there, done that. I have a patch on my harddisk that changes the 
sitemap and module index, removes the authn* and authz* modules and renames 
the obs_* module document files back to the old names. It fixes also the 
references to the new modules in other documents (hope I've got all of 

Because it's a lot of file trouble in CVS I just want to get an "ok, 
commit" or a "waah! don't do it".

thanks, nd
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DIVerses. Benannt nach all dem unstrukturierten Zeug, was die Leute da
so reinpacken und dann absolut positionieren ...
                           -- Florian Hartig und Lars Kasper in dciwam

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