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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: name-based vhosts
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 00:00:03 GMT

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Rich Bowen wrote:

> I've added a new section to the name-based vhosts docs that I've titled
> "summary for the impatient". I think that this will stave off 50% of the
> vhost-related questions on IRC, which is, of course, my main goal in all
> my documentation efforts ;-)

I'm not sure about this.  Do you really think it will help?  I would
imagine that people who are just skimming the docs will just skim down to
the example in the existing docs and copy that.  And the example is almost
identical to your example.  The only change I see is the presence of
ServerAlias, and the hit-them-over-the-head note about the "main server".

My guess is that adding this section will simply discourage people from
reading the rest of the docs, thereby causing more questions.


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