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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject name-based vhosts
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2002 23:53:20 GMT
I've added a new section to the name-based vhosts docs that I've titled
"summary for the impatient". I think that this will stave off 50% of the
vhost-related questions on IRC, which is, of course, my main goal in all
my documentation efforts ;-)

I know, this is a bit of a nod to people who refuse to read the
documentation. And after carefully reading this doc, it really is very
good, and contains the answer to almost all of the name-vhost questions
that people ask on IRC, if they would only read it.

So, if you think that this encourages people not to read the docs, tell
me, and I'll axe it. Otherwise, if you like it, let me know.

Hmm. Am I moving to a RTC model?

+<section id="impatient"><title>Summary for the impatient</title>
+    <p>To run name-based virtual hosts on your server, put the following
+    in your server configuration file:</p>
+    <example>
+    NameVirtualHost *<br />
+    <br />
+    &lt;VirtualHost *&gt;
+    ServerName<br />
+    ServerAlias<br />
+    DocumentRoot /www/vhosts/host1<br />
+    &lt;VirtualHost&gt;<br />
+    <br />
+    &lt;VirtualHost *&gt;
+    ServerName<br />
+    ServerAlias<br />
+    DocumentRoot /www/vhosts/host2<br />
+    &lt;VirtualHost&gt;<br />
+    </example>
+    <note><title>Main host goes away</title>
+    Please note that the host listed in the main body of your
+    configuration file needs to be converted to a &lt;VirtualHost&gt;
+    section. Make it the first-listed &lt;VirtualHost&gt; if you want it
+    to be the default host.
+    </note>

Rich Bowen -
... and another brother out of his mind, and another brother out at New
York (not the same, though it might appear so)
	Somebody's Luggage (Charles Dickens)

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