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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: German error messages
Date Sun, 17 Nov 2002 02:47:45 GMT
André Malo wrote:
> * Erik Abele wrote:
>>I would suggest "Authentisierung" but we (the german speakers) had a
>>discussion about that some time ago and didn't come to a satisfiable
>>solution. hmmm, perhaps the time has come?
>>Babelfish, Google, LEO and the Duden say "Authentisierung" is proper
>>German and I will commit it now; it's definetely better than
>>If someone feels better with "Authentifizierung" or comes up with some
>>other words (e.g. "Beglaubigung") than we can discuss this another time,
>>but for now this should be fine.
> As I found out in the meantime... the problem goes a bit deeper ;-(
> The user supplies his credentials, that is "Authentisierung".
> The server verifies the credentials, that is actually "Authentifizierung".
> The server decides, whether the user has access or not, that is 
> "Autorisierung" (without 'h', please remove that there...).

I know... that whole discussion is annoying and much too confusing for a 
simple error message :-(

but I fixed "Aut(h)orisierung", thanks!

> *sigh*
> However, I'm +1 for "Authentisierung". because something like 
> "Authentisierung erforderlich, der Server konnte Sie nicht 
> authentifizieren; Sie werden nicht autorisiert, auf die Ressource blah..."

ROTFL...imagine some other languages have similar problems ;-)

> is probably more confusing than it helps.
> nd

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