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From Luiz Rocha <>
Subject Re: Vhosts, common problems
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 23:07:37 GMT
On Monday 18 November 2002 18:03, Rich Bowen wrote:

> This doc would be closely related to the examples doc, and they would
> need to be careful not to overlap one another.

   Sounds great.

   One question. Wouldn't this new doc render the examples doc obsolete? Or 
you'll make it more like a troubleshooting guide than a cookbook?

> On the other hand, if I could just figure out what it is that makes
> vhosts so darned difficult for people, maybe we could fix that. But I
> suspect it has something to do with their unwillingness to actually read
> docs, so this may just be aggravating that situation. *sigh*

   We could just patch the users :)

   If you need hands to help you with the new doc, ask me. I'm not a vhost 
master, but this week will be lighter than usual at work.

Luiz Rocha <>

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