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From "Issac Goldstand" <>
Subject Apache 1.3 API Intro in 2.0 documentation?
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 10:20:48 GMT
Hey all,
  I've just decided to wet my feet in the 2.0 C API and looked at the
documentation intro on my copy of the manual (with the httpd2 distro -
2.0.40).  The document is labeled "Apache 2.0 API Notes ", but the correct
label (as exists [thankfully :-)] at is "Apache 1.3 API  Notes".

Maybe someone who's already got the CVS can do a quick patch to make life
easier for newbies?

Also, is there any work on a similar document for Apache 2.0? (Or does it
exist and I just missed it?)


PS Please cc me as I didn't subscribe to the list just for this small issue.

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