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From André Malo>
Subject user annotations (was: [STATUS] (httpd-docs-2.0) Wed Oct 16 23:45:26 EDT 2002)
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 00:59:34 GMT
* Michael Schröpl wrote:

> Just as an example: The mySQL documentation at
> (just some example URL, applies to the whole document tree)
> is offered in a way that users may add comments to each and
> every page of the online manual - most likely to the one
> where they believe this information should be found.

This would probably require some major docs format changes. For example,
take mod/core.html. It's long enough. Where should the user annotations
appear?. We could split the documents. One page for a directive. For
user contributions perhaps a better design, for most readers a
nightmare, I think. 

I'm not sure, whether the mysql or php way of user annotations is the
best one. If I take a look at the user comments, my first thougt is: no.
But I guess, too less people come here or go to bugzilla and say "hint,
put this in the docs" or "that's wrong". The way is simply too long. 

Just an idea bubbles up at 02:50 in the morning: links at every
directive (in the module docs) and on every other page to a *simplified*
form, which receives some user input and puts it to bugzilla or
elsewhere (e.g. mail). We (the committers) or at least some of us are
responsible for evaluating the stuff and building in or rejecting or
whatever one can do with it ;-) 

Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else
use it, and get a new one every six months.  -- Clifford Stoll

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