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From André Malo>
Subject Re: suggestions for the documentation style
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 00:46:00 GMT
* Michael Schröpl wrote:

>>> <note type="warning">...</note>
>>> You should use a light red background-color for
>>> warning notes.
>>> That makes the warning clearer!
>> yes and no. light colored backgrounds are not very visible, e.g. on
>> laptop screens. and darker backgrounds are hard to read on normal
>> screens...
> how long are the sections in question?

that's undefined ;-) usually one small paragraph or so, but if an author
decides to write a longer warning... 

> If the warnings are about 1-3 lines at most, then I would ask
> whether using a dark red background and a light (white) font
> color would be an alternative. Given enough contrast, such a
> reverse color assignment can be easy to read.

hmm, too much, I think. When I see, how Kess complains about a dashed
border instead of solid... 

> If the warnings tend to be longer, this would dominate the
> page layout too much, so that then the red border would be
> my favourite as well.

However, I set up the border for now. (the manual-print.css didn't
change its behaviour, since it's more or less b&w. Any good ideas?) 

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