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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: suggestions for the documentation style
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 16:35:39 GMT
I have to see it, to be able to tell you my opinion about. So tahnk you 
for the example, nd.

>> <note type="warning">...</note>
>> You should use a light red background-color for
>> warning notes.
>> That makes the warning clearer!
> yes and no. light colored backgrounds are not very visible, e.g. on
> laptop screens. and darker backgrounds are hard to read on normal
> screens...

I'am using a notebook, so I can tell you thats's true. Light colors are 
only shemes at a notebook diplay. A light red color would not have any 
sinaling effect there.

> what do you think about a red border? (see below for an example)

Ah, please, use solid borders, not dashed. The dashed one lets the block 
be uneasy and makes the text difficult to read.

>> <name>Name</name>
>> <syntax>Syntax ...</syntax>
>> <sourcefile>sourcefile.c</sourcefile>

<syntax> and <sourcefile> are ok (+1), but not <name>. This is used 
within the headers and looks terrible.

>> Also, in headers (h1, h2, ...), you can use the <code>-tag
>> to modulname and directive.
>> So it looks like the links to modules or directives.
> looks only good with mozilla for me (see below...), so I tend to -0.

see above, -0 from me

>> The the centered title from notes and examples look
>> not so good, because nothing else at the page are centered.
>> I think the bolder font from the title is enough to take off
>> form the note and example.

When using a border, left and centered will both be ok for me. But 
without a border centered would be better.

> Note, that the warning's border is dashed, but since the MSIE cannot
> display dashed lines, he uses solid ones...

This is the first time, I'm using IE instead Mozilla. Grats nd, you got 
me switching ;-)


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